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Why cashews?

At home of cashew nuts say: cashews make hair shiny, younger eyes, stronger teeth, and strongest desires! In other words,

Cashew is your wellness!

Cashew is very rich in nutrients. It contains a lot of protein and fatty acids. Components such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, vitamins and fiber are necessary for our body for good nutrition, and also help in the prevention of many diseases. Cashew has antiseptic, antibacterial and tonic properties, is a natural aphrodisiac. Nature also took care of the development of our brain, giving us a cashew nut, which is a natural stimulant of the brain. The uniqueness of this nut is that cashew is the only one of all nuts listed in the category of superfood.

  • In our production, we use 7% cashew nut content, which makes our drink truly nutty with a soft creamy flavor and thanks to this all the nutrients are preserved.

  • We carefully control the quality of raw materials used. All raw materials undergo strict quality control according to AFI Food Standards.

  • Production is carried out on modern equipment, taking into account the stringent requirements and principles of HACCP using the UHT ultrapasteurization technology and sterilization with filling in TetraPak Aseptic packaging.

  • The entire product line DOES NOT CONTAIN lactose, soy, GMO, sugar and animal fats. It is ideal for people suffering from lactose intolerance. People who lead a healthy lifestyle. The high content of vitamins and a balanced composition make the product useful for children older than 3 years and just for those who want to be healthy and beautiful. It is an excellent alternative to ordinary milk, both in the content of nutrients and in taste.



  • GMO






  • SOYA




  • 7%


Original Ingredients

Water, cashew nut 7%, guar gum, carbonate calcium, dipotassium phosphate

Coconut Ingredients 

Water, cashew nut 4%, coconut cream 3%, agave syrup, guar gum, carbonate calcium, dipotassium phosphate

Mango Ingredients

Water, cashew nut 4%, mango puree concentrate, agave syrup, guar gum, carbonate calcium, dipotassium phosphate

Chocolate Ingredients

Water, cashew nut 4%, agave syrup, cocoa powder, guar gum, carbonate calcium, dipotassium phosphate

Ingredients Almond

water, cashew nut 4%, almonds, guar gum, carbonate calcium, dipotassium phosphate